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Dining Table Shapes

Choose the table shape that most closely resembles your table in the closed position (without any removable extension leaves).

Round and Square Corner tables DO NOT need to be traced (patterned). Orders for these types of tables can be placed based on measurements alone.

Patterns are required for table shapes that are not round or square cornered. If we don’t have the pattern for your table in our database, we will send a pattern kit to you, so you can trace your table and send it back to us.

  • shape1

    Square Corners

  • shape2


  • shape3


  • shape4


  • shape5

    Cut Corner

  • shape6

    Boat Shape

  • shape7


  • shape9

    Reverse Rounded

  • shape10

    Rounded Corner

  • shape11

    Arched Ends

Edge Shapes

On tables with squared top edges, the pad size is equal to overall table size as seen below:

On tables with shaped top edges, the pad size is less than the overall table size because any slope, bevel, round portion etc. is not included when measuring.