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Dining Table Extender

  • Full ⅜” thick
  • Washable, heavyweight vinyl top covering, available in 20 colors
  • Soft Dura-Velvet material on the base of the pad, available in 5 colors
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • All pad pieces fold for easy storage

Extender pads are specifically designed to increase the usable surface of your table. We use a hard board core that is heavier and more dense than regular table pads. The disc system we use for connecting the pads pieces to each other, also adds stability. There is no need for support legs that could affect where your guests can sit.

The extender can increase the size of the table up to 24” in width and length (up to 12” overhang). For example, a table that measures 40” x 72”, can have an extender pad up to 64” x 96”. A 48” round table can be increased up to 72”.

Card Table Extender

Our Card Table Extender expands your table into a larger round table. It’s made in one piece, and folds for easy storage. Choose from a variety of top and bottom colors.

Available in one size only, 47-½” diameter. If you’re covering a square table, make sure it’s no greater than 33” x 33”, otherwise the round extender will not fully cover the table.